CuDA is the newest technology advancement at DDLab. Our new self data entry software allows photographers to quickly and efficiently enter their own orders, while DDLab builds and creates the products and packages. Receive $.10 cash back for every athlete you enter!

Watch a video now before you get started.

Here are a few highlights and features of CuDA.

CuDA is web based.What does this mean? You never have to install it. You can use it anywhere you have an internet connection. The best part- every time we make an update (and there will be a lot of updates) you will instantly view the update. It also means that our software will work on any platform (Windows, Apple, Linux).

2. CuDA accesses our internal data bases, live. This means that as you enter an order, it’s creating a database internally. If your computer crashes, no biggie, the information will still be there when you come back.

3. CuDA allows you to order the same package for every order, with one click. The Job Details screen enables you to quickly add a fund-raiser or league-buy to your entire order almost instantly.

4. CuDA enables you to crop your images using a fixed 5×7 ratio. This happens to be the ratio of all of DDLab’s graphic products, which means your order will fly through production even faster than before.

5. CuDA allows you to add multiple images to one single order. This is a great feature when offering buddy photos or coach & son/daughter photos along with the individual photographs.

More updates will be coming soon. Below is a list of future plans CuDA will be implementing throughout the year:

  1. Sales Report Generation
  2. Order Form Creator
  3. Email & Marketing Exports
  4. Direct flow to DDLab’s future reorder system (slated to be released Summer 2014)





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