Hello Professional Sports Photographers!

In the youth sports photography world, we have this thing we call “seasons”. We have 2 main seasons a year.. Spring and Fall. Our fall season grosses the most sales in the least amount of time. This fall at Gump’s Sports Photography & DDLab, we’ve improved our workflow, cut cost, increased profit and had a few new innovative ideas. We want to invite you to this exclusively offered webinar, FREE, to share our experiences with you.

We believe in sharing the ups and downs, so that we all may succeed in our business ventures. Jeff Gump at Gump’s Sports Photography is working hard to help peers succeed in this growing industry. While other photography organizations are focusing on babies, weddings & portraits… sports photographers are left with limited support at large annual conferences to help us excel each year.

We need you to be part of our team!

Join us on Tuesday, November 26th from 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern.

Here are a few topics we will be discussing:

  • This fall’s newest venture: High School Sports
  • How we’ve increased our profit margin with Youth Sports
  • Mail to Home vs. League Deliveries
  • Top Packages Sold
  • Scheduling Hurdles, Saving on Event Labor
  • Customer Service & Office Stress


Come see us in Tennessee!

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