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Q:  What are your new greenscreen services?

A:  DDLab is excited to announce two new greenscreen services. The first is a greenscreen background removal service and the other is a greenscreen proofing program. Both are available for full service school and sports orders.

Q:  Why can’t I remove greenscreen backgrounds myself?

A:  You can. Many customers already have an in-house solution. For smaller jobs, an in-house solution works well. For the larger volume user, the production workflow often times requires the use of outside services. We have custom production software that will select the background, drop it out and insert the background of your choice. This new service will save you time and money.

Q:  What much does this new service cost?

A: There is a $.50 per image charge for the background removal. All ordered images will be visually verified for optimum drop out quality.

Q:  What’s the turnaround time?

A:  We are offering a 48 hour turnaround time on rendered images. If your order is uploaded AND an online order submission form received before 2 pm, the schedule starts the same day.

Q:  What’s the process?

A: Go to and go to "become a customer", fill out the form and we will email your log-in information within 24 hours. Once you receive your log-in info, log into your account on DDLab’s home page. Upload your job through the home FTP uploader tool. Submit an online submission form to let us know the job is ready and in your FTP folder. Your job will be available in your download folder in 48 hours.

Q:  Can I use a background I shot?

A:  Yes, you are free to submit your own background or use one of the lab’s 100 background choices. See DDL’s background catalog.

Q:  Are there any limitations to the service?

A: The key to greenscreen is even, consistent, flat lighting - no shadows or hot spots on the background. If your lighting is right, so should the background removal. If your job does not meet quality standards you will be immediately notified. Ask for our greenscreen lighting diagrams.

Q: What’s my first step?

A: Contact your account representative and send us a couple of sample images for testing. If you do not have an assigned account representative, call 877-898-9330 x2001 and one will be assigned to assist you.

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